Thursday, April 13, 2006

Site Policies

/Summary: Site policies re: subscription and privacy, third party services linked to this site, your comments; copyright and using my content/
What is your privacy policy if I subscribe to this blog?
By subscribing, you will only be asked for your email address and no other personal details. I will not use your email address for any other purpose than notifying you of blog updates nor will I sell the subscription list.
What is your relationship with the third party sites linked to this site?
I do not have any control over third party sites to which this blog is linked, including Blogger (which hosts this blog), Feedblitz (which maintains the subscription service) and (which provides the Contents sorting facility). If you have any concerns or complaints about any third party sites, please see their terms & conditions and policies on their sites and contact them direct.
What is your policy on visitor comments?
All visitors to the blog can submit comments relating to any post, provided the comments are appropriate and relevant . Please respect the views and feelings of all participants on this site. Comments are moderated and I reserve the right - without explanation - not to publish comments that may be considered offensive, objectionable or unsuitable.
The views expressed in any comment are those of the person making the comment and do not represent my views.
Can I use the content on your site or copy and paste it into another site/ document?
All the content of my posts is copyrighted. You may use portions of it or copy and paste portions of it into another site or document provided you put that portion inside quotation marks and you acknowledge clearly on that site/ document that it is taken from my blog and also that you credit me clearly with it. A portion for these purposes would be up to one third of the text from the relevant post. This broadly reflects the UK law on copyright.
Site policies may be updated from time to time. Please check back for updates.


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