Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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Welcome to my blog. To help you with Site Navigation, here is a brief look at all the different sections that make up this blog.

The main page/ Home

The main page you come to at
www.yangmayooi.blogspot.com presents you with the latest post. This page can be reached again by clicking "Home" or the title "Yang-May Ooi's Lit Blog" in the red autumn leaves banner at the top of the page.

The sidebar on the right will help you in your visit.

"Site Navigation" - well, if you found this post, you already know what the Site Navigation section does!

"Announcements"** - this takes you to my announcements, news and events.

"About My Books" - this gives you links to my books website
www.yangmayooi.co.uk as well as links to Amazon.co.uk where you can buy copies of my books The Flame Tree and Mindgame.

"Blog Contents"** - this is the central hub of the blog. Click on a topic that interests you and it will take you to a list of posts within that topic category. At that list, click on the item that you want to read and it will take you back into my blog, with the page opened at that post.

"Spotlight on..."** - this shines the spotlight on particular posts that may be of particular interest or that I'd quite like you to see.

"Archives" - click on a month and it will show you all the posts for that month.

"Search this Blog" - you can search this blog using keyword(s). Follow the instructions in this section.

"Subscribe" - you can subscribe to this blog for free and receive free email notifications of new post updates. You can read how to subscribe/ unsubscribe and also see my subscription policy by clicking on "Subscribing to this blog" in the "Blog Contents" section.

[**Note: The links in Announcements/ Blog Contents/ Spotlight on... take you to an external page provided by del.icio.us. That page sets out a list of the items that fall within the topic category that you clicked on. On that page, click on the item you are interested in and it will take you back into my blog, with the page open at the post you want to read. (I have to use a third party provider because the host of this blog, Blogger.com do not provide a contents sorting facility.)]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on "FAQ" in the Blog Contents section to find a list of frequently asked questions about this blog and about me & writing.

Contact me

Click on "Contact me" in the Blog Contents section to find my contact details.

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