Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's all happening in 2006!

April 2006 announcements: The second edition of THE FLAME TREE is published; YM lauches new-look books website; YM creates a new Lit Blog

Second edition of THE FLAME TREE

THE FLAME TREE sold out of its first print run to rave reviews in Malaysia and the UK. It is now also a core text on the South East Asian Literature Course at Nanyang Technical University, Singapore. The second edition of THE FLAME TREE is a new special edition brought out specifically for that course.

The exciting news is that the second edition of THE FLAME TREE is now also available for anyone to buy direct from and any other online book website (eg. Blackwells, etc) - or by placing an order at your local bookshop, whether you are in Malaysia, Singapore, London or anywhere in the world.

New-Look Books Website

To celebrate the publication of the second edition of THE FLAME TREE, I have relaunched my website On the site I have written about some of the influences that inspired my writing and also how the ideas for THE FLAME TREE and MINDGAME evolved out of my personal experiences and topical events in the news.

There is a direct link at to where you can buy copies of the books online. I hope you will enjoy your visit to the new-look website.

New Lit Blog

My interactive Lit Blog at is for people who love books, writing and the wonderful distractions that can enhance our lives.

I like to think of this space as a personal letter to my friends. I will keep you updated on how the writing of my next book(s) is coming along and share my thoughts on films and other delights that can nourish us. I love coming across diverse and fascinating people and hearing their stories so I hope to post interviews/ profiles of people whom I find fun or inspiring or unusual.

Specifically for writers, there'll be articles on writing and publishing as well as "masterclasses" on specific aspects of the writing process. I will also be talking to writers and others in the writing/ publishing business to learn from their experiences and expertise.

The blog is interactive so you can add your comments to a post and start/ join an online discussion via the comments.

You can check back from time to time at or you can subscribe to receive free email notifications whenever the blog is updated every few weeks. Subscription is free.



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