Saturday, April 08, 2006

About this Blog

FAQ about this blog and blogging


What is a Lit Blog?

A blog is short for "weblog", which is an online journal. (As in Star Trek, when William Shatner says "Captain's Log, star date XXXX....")

Lit is short for "literary" and "lit blog" or "litblog" is the term used for writer's blogs where we talk about literary things. I'm also going to be talking about films and TV and food etc but "lit flick telly nosh blog" is a bit long-winded....

How often will you be updating this blog?

I see this blog more like a newsletter than a journal so it will be updated with specific articles of interest for my readers rather than a daily rambling and un-edited "brain dump". I expect to update it with articles at least once a month with the occasional posting in between.

I won't be updating every day so if you subscribe to the blog, you will not be inundated with lots of notifications!


When I click on a topic in the in the side bar (eg Blog Contents), it takes me an external site. Why?

The blogging facility I use is provided by and it does not have an integrated sorting facility for posts, which is why I use the third party service for sorting the Contents, Announcements and Spotlights (provided by

The topic link takes you to an external page which lists all the posts in my blog that are tagged with the topic you chose. Click on the item that you are interested in and you will come back into my blog at the post that you want to read.

You can click "Back" in your browser at any time to return to the previous page you were on.

Where can I find out about your site policies?

Please click on Site Policies in the Blog Contents section of the sidebar, OR
click here.

Who writes the content for this blog?

I write all the content myself. I find it helps me stay creative when I am not working on my next book. Some might say it's a dangerous distraction tactic to keep me from writing my next book....

Who maintains this blog?

I maintain this site myself in between writing and my day job as I enjoy fiddling around with HTML and web design. This means that I may not be able to correct any technical glitches or deal with queries as quickly as I would like. Please bear with me!


I'd like to try blogging. Where do I start?

Check out some of the free blogging sites -
Blogger and WordPress come to mind. There are other sites so do a search and check them out.

I am not on a commission but I can say that I like Blogger because it allows you to change the template and upload photos very easily (especially if you download the free photo programme Hello from You can also upload audio blogs by telephone - look in the Blogger help section for more details. The downside is that, unlike WordPress, it does not have an integrated sorting facility for your posts, which is why I use the third party service for sorting the Contents from


How do I subscribe to this blog?

To subscribe, go to the "Subscribe" section of the sidebar on the right of the page and enter your email address. Then, click "Subscribe me!", OR click here to go straight to the subscription form
You will be sent a verification email to confirm that you are subscribed.
For more information about subscribing and unsubscribing, click here.



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